Marc - the charcuterie

Duchy Charcuterie.jpg

“Whats the future? World domination !!!!! Honestly to produce Charcuterie that people talk about”

All over Cornwall, there are a number of individuals who have set out to produce very niche artisan products that you’d not normally associate with Cornwall. Little pockets of clever people that are developing lovely stuff. Marc is one of those individuals who set himself a challenge to produce a quality Cornish Charcuterie.
A product that you would normally think of as being Italian or French.

Marc’s background prior to entering the world of Charcuterie was the London meat business. He’d spent most of his working life there but there came a time when it was that stage in his life to move on. Cornwall came calling so he sold up and moved down to the pleasant land.

Clearly working and living the meat business put Marc in good stead on the knowledge front as to what cuts were best for such a venture. He teamed up with a friend for a few years on the “game” front then felt it was time to start something new for himself. That was in 2015 when Duchy Charcuterie was born.

The morning I met Marc started off with a coffee and chat and then Marc explained and demonstrated the whole process that goes into making a high quality award winning Charcuterie. From the cuts of meat, to the seasoning process and then onto the curing stage. What Marc produces isn’t available the very next day. You have to store it, dry it and in some cases really age it. These qualities all add to the colour and flavour of the Charcuterie. Now, being a massive foodie, I felt it was my job to sample a few of these Charcuteries. My god, they were ace! Really really tasty.

Here’s something you need to bear in mind when you are entering into such a venture. Marc did inform me that mistakes have been made along the way. That’s all part of the learning process when you’re developing a new business. Marc’s only been in this business 3 years but has already won some big Charcuterie awards. Clearly he’s doing something right. It was a pleasure, an education and a very interesting day for me.

Cheers Marc