Mikie the bike mechanic


“I still have my original National Cycling Proficiency certificate from 1981”

Bikes are one of those items that we’ve all owned at some point in our lives. So, if you’ve ever owned a bike, there’s no doubt you would have needed to repair it. The simple tasks such as changing a tyre or bolting something on are relatively simple and don’t require a huge amount of thought. But as bikes have become far more sophisticated in their build and design, these challenging fixes have become more taxing to us simpletons. That’s when you need a bike mechanic. You’ll need to search for someone with good experience, a solid knowledge of the vast range of bikes available these days and someone who is professional. Thats when you call Mikie….

Mikie’s been into bikes all his life. He got his first BMX at the age of 11, then his first mountain bike 6 years later and then onto a road bike a few years after that. He’s also rode at competition level. So, it would be fair to say that he has a reasonable knowledge and understanding of bikes in general and how they function.

Mikie started working in bike shops back in 1991 and gradually built up his experience fixing and servicing all manner of rides. The work was hard and perhaps not the best paid but he stuck at it. Many years later with a wealth of experience he’d amassed, it was time to go it alone and open up his own business. “It was the best thing I ever did” he said. Hard work but so worth it. Now there’s a good reason why you’d take your bike to Mikie, as I do and so many of my friends do. It’s because he is so professional in his approach and at what he does for a living, he understands what your needs are and he’s happy to give you advice or just generally chat about bikes.

His workshop has all of the tools he needs. Laid out in a row with everything in its place. A tidy, well managed workshop is a productive one. I happened to comment on the creative cog pattern he displays on his workshop counter - “that looks ace Mikie” I said. “The cogs on the counter represent the weeks in business and the large ones represent the years” he said. What a cracking idea. Mikie’s attention to detail isn’t just about fixing bikes.

Cheers Mikie