Emma the jewellery maker

I find most of my materials on mounts bay beach which just happens to be one of the best beaches for sea glass

We’re constantly being reminded these days of the importance of the need to recycle more. At the same time we’re fighting an ongoing battle with plastic and the over use of it. We need to discover other ways of re using these plastics and all of the junk that gets washed up on our shores. A brief walk along any of our Cornish beaches and you’ll see all of this rubbish just washed up.

What appears to be rubbish to some is often useful to others. Emma is one of those people who puts what she finds into good use. Whilst she still uses the base metal associated with jewellery making, ie silver, she’ll add her own spin by up cycling the rubbish she finds and encompassing that into her designs.

She’ll comb our local beaches for plastics that constantly wash up on our shores. They come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. In addition to that, she’ll search out other items such as pieces of sea glass. These make great additions to her designs and delivers very unique pieces of jewellery.

Emma first started making jewellery on her 50th birthday She was given a jewellery class present by a friend and has been making jewellery ever since. Her beach of choice for all her needs is Mounts Bay beach, a stones throw from her studio. She’ll either walk or cycle the coastal path and see what she can find with her next designs in mind. Every day our shores deliver something new for her to work with. Sadly, more and more plastic will wash up on our beaches until a solution can be found. At least Emma’s doing her bit for the environment.

I watched Emma at work in her little studio. Everything at hand and surrounded by stuff that inspires her. No glamour here just a functional work space where she produces some lovely work. Her designs are very unique. From earrings to necklaces, from rings to one off commissioned pieces. When you look around her studio, it’s evident to see that colour plays a big role in her designs. I love watching creatives work.

Thank you Emma…..