David the strongman


“I never thought it would be something I could do as the weights just seemed unobtainable”

There’s a certain level of fitness we all wish to achieve.Then there’s another level of fitness only a few of us wish to achieve. Here’s Davids story and what he goes about keeping fit.

David started young on the sports/fitness front. At the age of 10 he was playing rugby. This carried on throughout his teenage life up until University. Thats where he studied Sport Science. He played first team rugby there and loved it. However, a dislocated knee injury side lined his rugby plans for a while. Sitting it out proved that David had lost his love of the game and the training associated with it. He needed another challenge. The training he had throughout his teenage years on the weights front lead into the gym and there onto a position as a gym instructor. Surrounded by all of this equipment and his new environment meant David now had a new focus. About a year later, he joined the fire service and that further pushed him on to continue to keep fitness level high.

At the age of 34, David became a little bored with the type of workouts he’s been doing so long so thoughts turned to something new, again. Just around the corner from where David had trained for all those years was what you might call a real gym. A gym with big weights, big guys and much larger weight related equipment. That excited him so he joined straight away. By this time, David had become a big fan of strongman events which he followed on TV. He told me “I never thought it would be something i could do as the weights just seemed unobtainable” Training went well, his strength grew week on week and finally he made the decision to enter Cornwall strongest man competition. He entered the novice category and won it, first time. Since that win, David now compete’s in strongman events all over the country.

Now I’m a big fan of the strongman comps and have followed them from closely from the days of Magnus Ver Magnusson, Jon Pall Sigmarsson and all the way up to the current strongmen such as Terry Hollands and Eddie “the beast” Hall. When you see these guys on TV, it’s clear that the weights are super heavy, but it’s not until you try them yourself, you fully understand just how bloody heavy they are. I had a go at lifting some of David’s weights. Oh dear. Getting them off the ground was a challenge, never mind lifting them.

I had an ace time chatting, shooting and understanding David’s world. A world of strength, pain and determination and focus

Cheers David