Steven the furniture designer


“wood seemed the perfect medium for me to work with as it satisfies both of my creative compulsions”

I really admire those of us who are able to take a natural resource and turn it into something special. Something you could make for yourself or maybe for others. Something to cast your eyes across from time to time and say, I made that. I met Steven recently and he invited me into his world of wood and showed me what he designs, creates and delivers to his clients.

As a child, Steven recalls his love of making things in a garage or shed. He was equally as happy with a paintbrush or pencil in his hand and he’d spend hours drawing. He remembers from a young age that he’d like to an architect one day perhaps but in later in life he opted for a career in engineering instead. He studied electrical engineering at Uni, followed that by a masters degree in Renewable energy. After that, he spent many years designing large scale solar electric systems both in the UK and overseas. He enjoyed that element of work but always felt there was something missing, I had the need to create.

With that in mind, he moved away from his engineering background and re trained to be trained as a professional cabinet maker. He told me “wood seemed the perfect medium for me to work with as it satisfies both of my creative compulsions”. And so his business was born. Sustainability and the environment are extremely important to how his business operates. He only uses petrochemical free glues and finishes. All his wood is FSC and his waste is minimised and managed and he works closely with environmental charities and actively promotes good working practices within the industry. Stevens influences? The Japanese furniture maker, George Nakashima.

I loved the collection of native species of wood that Steven works with such as oak, ash, sycamore, chestnut and cherry. The level of detail and quality he works to could often be seen as clinical. But when your designing and creating very special one off unique pieces for discerning clients, then I get that.

Cheers Steven