mags the eco surf wax maker


“I think I was an 'environmentalist' since childhood in the 70s, when mum would take me out litter picking”

Generally speaking, I think we’re a pretty creative bunch down here in Cornwall. I guess we’re inspired by the land and sea that surrounds us.
Some of us use those creative skills to grasp an opportunity that doesn’t already exist and capitalise on it. In this case its Mags. Here’s her story

Our parents often influence us in our younger years about matters that are key and important in our live’s. Mags mum was quick to endorse on her just how important our those values are on the environment. She remembers throughout her childhood to respect the natural environment and how she might perhaps one day help to improve it in the long term. Those childhood influences inspired Mags in later life to educate herself further so she decided to study an Environmental science degree. After qualifying, she secured a job at a Nature reserve and environmental education centre.

As time progressed, family life took over and in the meantime, Mags decided to make the moved to Cornwall to be by the sea. Somewhere she’d dreamed of being for some time. She then changed direction on the career front and became a probation officer. However that eco ethos never left her and her thoughts turned toward the sea and and how she might help on that front.

The idea for a surf wax came about as a joint thoughts between Mags and her partner Joe. Having used one of the big main brands of wax for years, She was concerned about all the air miles used importing the big brands from the USA and the use of petrochemicals in its production and that effect it has on the aquatic environment. Mags then set about finding an alternative that was eco friendly and local. So, wax being the key element here, she enrolled on a bee keeping course, understood how bees work in making that wax and then came up with the idea of using a very unique eco valued substitute to add to the wax. In this case, it was tree resin. Pine tree resin to be exact. The sticky element that resin has proved to be ideal once coupled together with essential oils, vanilla, orange and lemon. And so, Cornwalls first and local eco surf wax came together.

I love watching creative types at work especially when they’re so passionate about what they believe in. Mags was kind enough to show the process of making her eco wax the day I call to see her. Our environment is important to us. Make a change now and support the likes of Mags and other eco environmentalist.

Thanks Mags