Andy - the skateboarder designer


“Unique wood skateboards based on ancient Hawaiian designs with a Cornish twist”.

It’s a well known fact that some of the greatest ideas have come out of a shed. A shed is a "man" thing. Created with one purpose. To house a man and his tools then go about creating something special. That’s exactly what Andy is doing in his man space.

I got an invite recently into Andy’s man space and I found a whole lot of lovely stuff in there. Wood, drills, more wood and a little bit of chaos, with an element of order to it as well. Andy designs, shapes and hand finishes all his skateboards himself. There are hundreds of skateboard manufactures out there offering some great looking boards and a massive amount of choice but there are very few who do what Andy does. His boards are very unique and different in every way. When you purchase a board from Andy, you’re also purchasing a piece of art that you can ride.

This is not a full time job for Andy, it’s more of a passion for him. During the day he’s office bound but when he gets some free time travelling back from working away, his mind is on one thing, producing and designing new boards. Andy’s been playing and working with wood for a number of years on other products as well such as belly boards and hand planes. All made out of reclaimed wood.

He doesn’t have a R & D department, a big marketing team, nor does he have an automated factory, Andy has his hands, a shed, many tools, oh yes and an imaginative mind.

Cheers Andy