Julyan - the guitar luthier

Cornwall only guitar doctor.JPG

“My big passion is breathing new life in to fretted instruments”

I have to be honest here, I’d never heard of a Guitar Luthier before, that was until I a bumped into a mate and I mentioned the project I’ve been working on. He reckoned that Julyan might be interested in it. So, before I go any further, allow me to enlighten you all what a “Luthier” is. It’s someone who builds or repairs string instruments. 

Armed with that info, cheers Todd, I gave Julyan a call and arranged a meeting. Hidden away down a local back alley I found the workshop of Cornwalls only guitar luthier. I don’t believe you'll find another luthier in Cornwall and you'll probably struggle to find less than a hand full in the UK. Hens teeth are rarer by the sounds of it. From what I saw that day, I can understand why to a degree, a truly skilled profession.
So, camera in hand, I rolled off a few shots and chatted away and began to find out a little more about Julyan. His interest in fixing guitars started when he was about 12. After leaving school he went to work with his Dad as a builder/labourer but would do anything he could to get off those building sites. Time moved on and he left the building game in favour of a business course funded by the Prince's Trust Bursary. He then won an award and in 1992 he started to trade as a professional guitar repairer & tutor. The ‘Guitar Doctor’ name came about a few years later as Julyans business grew.

There's another aspect of Julyans business that he's incredibly passionate about too. That’s teaching children, passing on his knowledge and watching them blossom. Over the years Juylan has been lucky enough to work for thousands of people, somewhere in the region of 6000 instruments plus have passed through his workshop and amongst those individuals happen to be a few well known clients.  Here's just a few…

 The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver, Al Stewart, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, David Bowie and Haircut 100, The Grace Jones Band, Stephen Tintin Duffy, Edison Lighthouse and local heroes such as King Creature, Ben Howard and Eric Faulkner of the Bay City Rollers. I’m sure there are a few he's forgotten - what an impressive list….

A quote from Julyan here- "My job is my life, as my late Dad used to say, ‘Jules, it sure beats working for a living”. I had a cracking time with Julyan. Such an interesting bloke and a real pleasure to be allowed into his world.

Thank you Julyan......