Delpha - the artist

Delpha hudson artist.JPG

“Making and thinking through art always makes me feel alive and well”.

Delpha’s studio is located in a small side street in Penzance. A street I’ve walked up and down many times and often wondered what was behind the large wooden doors. The day I visited her I finally found out what was behind those pale blue doors. There are numerous artists studios in and around Cornwall with fancy facades, plate glass windows and expensive price tags attached. Delpha’s studio was far from that. Just how I’d expected to find it. Paintings everywhere, canvas’s stacked and work surfaces covered in all type of brushes and paint. A real artists studio.

Delpha has been painting professionally for over 20 years but she’s always sketched and scribbled. She grew up with a mother who was always drawing and painting. I think it would be fair to say that creative parentage does rub off on us all creatives.

All well established painters have styles. “I’m not entirely sure I have a definable style” Delpha said. What I found interesting when I visited Delpha was her use of bitumen. I guess you’d generally associate bitumen with road repairs. Well I would as I can’t say I’ve ever heard or seen it used in painting before. However, watching Delpha create her artwork with the black sticky stuff certainly added another aspect to the finished article. She dipped her brush into a hot molten pot of this stuff and dropped it from a height. Hot strings of bitumen fell onto her canvas as she moved her brush around. Very visual indeed and a finished article that looked very unique indeed. The air that morning did smell a little different to the normal paint aromas you’d expect.

I find interpreting art rather difficult so Delpha told me that her current work represents the lives of women and mothers in a non-stereotypical way. Art is a very expressive form and very individual. Delphas is certainly that.

Thanks Delpha