Ken the car collector

Ken Hall the Jaguar man.JPG

There are those of us who own a car and there are those of us who own several cars. Then there’s a few individuals out there who have amassed a collection of cars that just beggars belief. I recently met a man who has one of the largest private collection of classic Jaguars and he goes by the name of Ken.

Ken started collecting cars when he was 19, when most of us blokes have other interests outside of the automotive world. Over the years, that’s 69 collective years, he’s owned an impressive list of Jags that many of us could only dream about. He’s not just collected these cars, he’s restored them too. From challenging rebuilds to concours show cars. His mechanical knowledge is extensive and to this day he still works on restoring his collection and any new additions he might add to that collection.

I was fortunate enough to be invited into Kens world and into his home. He has his own purpose built showroom for his collection, very much like an old school car dealership used to look. Here he stores and displays all of his cars. Any members of the public that happen to be passing Kens showroom can view his collection in all its glory. Take a peak through the large glass windows and stand back and admire what he has achieved. I was fortunate enough to be shown round by Ken. I got the full guided tour inside his showroom. Every car had a story and Ken recalls those stories to me as if they were only yesterday. Age clearly has not effected his memory. After the tour of the showroom, Ken invited me into his home to view the other side of a collectors world. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. He showed me into this room, protected by his dog, I’m joking here, which was completely full of of Jaguar memorabilia. Utterly amazing! Models, brochures, manuals, key rings, photographs. The list went on and on. I didn't know where to look. I was lost for words. Everything had its place. The magazines and brochures were filed and indexed and model Jaguars sat on their own custom built shelves. The room resembled a museum rather than a home.

Those petrol heads of us out there can only dream at what Ken has achieved in his lifetime of collecting. Over the years he’s owned over 80 cars. Today his collection stands at 20. A nice round figure to manage.

Thank you Ken