Adam the ice cream maker


“It turns out that ice cream making involves quite a lot of science, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a few things whipped up”

I’m sure at some point, we’ve all had an ice cream when visiting Cornwall. The choice is endless and there’s no doubt we all have our favourites in some shape or form. But what about those of us that are looking for something different in an ice cream. Something that’s not generally available and still could be looked upon as something quite niche. Well. that’s where Adam fits in with his dairy free ice cream.

Like most of us down here, our backgrounds often differ to what we first set out to do in life. Adam’s early career choice was art and design and once he finished his degree at Uni, he had no real idea of what to do next. The creative sector in the South West was limited at the time and securing a job proved difficult. So, he decided to move to Cornwall to look for work and ended up working in a hotel close to a beach but enjoyed surfing every day. After 6 months or so, Adam felt he needed to explore more of his creative side and ended up doing a masters at Falmouth University in photography. He then left Cornwall for London, worked up there for a while but found the draw of Cornwall was just too great. Plans for a family with his partner played a big part in his future together and he soon returned.

Once back in Cornwall he looked for further options on the job front but then came up with the idea of buying a retro style ice cream van and serving cocktails and ice creams at events. He also managed to secure a pitch at a local beach and it was at this point that some of his customers started to ask if he had a dairy free option on the ice cream front. Something that wasn’t really out there at the time. After some extensive research and a good look into the ingredients, additives, flavourings and colourings that other brands put into their ice cream, it alarmed Adam and he set about developing a dairy free ice cream for himself. Adam told me, “It turns out that Ice cream making involves quite a lot of science so don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just a few things whipped up. After a steep learning curve and heavy investment in Italian Gelato machinery, I was ready to go”. Adams ethos is using the finest ingredients available and saying no to adding flavourings or synthetic ingredients. The rest is history - “Cecil on ice” was born. Cecil was Adams old cat.

I had the sad task of tasting Adams ice cream when I visited him. I’m joking of course. Who in their right mind wouldn’t take advantage of a day sampling ice cream. I love ice cream and I was a great believer that I’d already found the best ice cream I could. Adams ice cream made me question that choice as it seemed to add a further refreshing choice to an ice cream that I hadn’t tasted before.

Cheers Adam