Tim - the surfboard shaper

we distribute our weight differently and apply torque differently... so I make my boards to allow for this to give a more natural and enhanced ride both ways

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term “Shaper”, allow me to explain. He or she is an individual who builds, designs then shapes surfboards by hand. The board formed shape is sculptured then the “shaper” completes the build by layering fibre glass cloth over the deck and the bottom and then laminating these with a resin. That’s a rough ish guide.

Tim is one such shaper. I’ve known Tim for a number of years but it wasn’t until recently that I got invited into his world, the world of surfboard shaping and design. Tim’s creative background stems from his artistic background and that’s very reflective when you look at his boards.

I’m familiar with the world of shaping to a degree as I’ve shot a few shapers in the past but all of those guys were just churning out large numbers of boards, Tims boards are one offs, custom made boards where the customers discuss with Tim what they are looking for in their board.

The trust they put in Tim allows him to add those little unique touches that you just wont see on the volume stuff. Little touches you’ll only see on your board and no one else’s. I got lost a little when Tim started to explain why the main design of his boards are different to everyone else’s. He referred to “Asymmetrics” which to you and me mean that one side of the board is different to the other. His approach to these is very unique and as far as Tim is aware, the way he does them is not copied anywhere else in the world.

Tim lives and works out of Widemouth Bay, located on the north Atlantic coast of Cornwall. An area which is synonymous with some of the very best surf in the UK & Europe. No better place to be….

Cheers Tim