Megan the tattoo artist


“I was fascinated at the history and tradition of the craft and couldn’t wait to wear tattoos myself.”

If you were to go back a few decades, it would be reasonable and fair to say the Tattoos then were usually associated with sailors, gang members, bikers and prisoners. If we move forward to today, tattoos have now become far more socially acceptable. They're seen as 'artistic expressions. They are symbols of remembrance and no longer have a negative stigma attached to the them.

Tattooing has been Megans passion since she was 15. That’s when she decided it was a career choice of hers to become a tattoo artist. “I was fascinated at the history and tradition of the craft and couldn’t wait to wear tattoos myself.” Megan had her first tattoo illegally at 16. The design was two hibiscus flowers entwined with a simple tribal vine around her right hip. “It’s not something I would have again - but I love it still to this day” Megan tells me that she’s inspired by nature and the cosmos - these are concepts that her work evolve around. However. she’s more than happy to draw most subjects given a clients brief. “I like to work in colour, using a range of teal, magenta and gold in my palette.” Megan told me.

She studied Illustration at Falmouth University where she enjoyed focussing on her hand drawing skills which clearly transfer well onto someone’s skin. Once she finished Uni she became a professional tattooist at the age of 23.

I watched Megan work in her new studio in Falmouth. Her hand was steady as she filled her Machine (the term used for the unit she draws with) with the ink she was about to use. The client that day, her husband. He didn’t move an inch and looked very laid back throughout the process. She tells me that her work is constantly evolving and she strives to learn from each and every tattoo she draws. “It’s an honour to be able to put my artwork onto someone permanently”. Thank you Megan for allowing me into your world and I’m sorry I called your machine a gun.. Oopps

Cheers Megan