Jenny - the laser etcher


“I feel very privileged to work within the creative community in Cornwall”

When it comes to business, our isolation from major cities and links doesn’t effect how we live our lives or effect the way we run our business. There’s a reason why we live and work here. It’s because we love the place, the people who live here and the laid back feeling you get from living by the coast. Setting a business up can be challenging, rewarding and hard work. You’ll always have competition to compete against so you’ll need something tangible and personal to add value to that business. Jenny is one of those individuals who found that niche and developed it into “Cut By Beam”.

Jenny left Uni with a degree in 3D Design for Sustainability. She knew that she wanted to stay in Cornwall but there simply wasn’t the type of jobs on offer to keep her here so she made it her mission to create her own dream job. After various internships as a graduate, she started working part time for a furniture designer to get experience in the workplace. She looked at the idea of a service based business around laser cutting machines, something she’d worked on at Uni. Her interest in small scale manufacturing, along with her design degree, definitely helped to understand the cutting process and with that experience and confidence it was time to go it alone. That was 4 years ago. 

The types of jobs she undertakes are extremely varied and no two days are alike. She works on a huge variety of materials including wood, leather, paper, acrylic, copper, enamel, fabric and glass. Jenny told me, “I feel very privileged to work within the creative community in Cornwall. I think there is an incredible likemindedness of people that live here as there is often a shared passion for a good lifestyle. It is such an interesting and positive environment and everyone wants each other to do well. That kind of spirit within business is unusual and infectious and we all benefit from doing good work for good people”

Like quite a few of us, Jenny works alone. That “dog” related theme that we’ve seen running through this project continues with Jenny’s dog, “Purdy“, sat by her side or retrieving anything you might throw her.
A very determined little thing bless her.

Thank you Jenny

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