Harriet the herbalist


“I do believe you go back to what your real purpose is at some point in your life”

When it comes to the world of alternative medicinal choices, herbs and plant based treatments may not necessarily be one you’d be most familiar with. These healthy plant based solutions have been around for thousands of years and carry some interesting health benefits as I found out when I visited Harriet recently.

Previously to becoming a Herbalist, Harriet’s life was very different. She was an international model for 12 years of her life, travelling the globe and working with high end designers & clients. That kind of work does take its toll on you and Harriet began to loose the passion for the modelling work that she enjoyed before. It was then time for her to connect with something more meaningful in her life and she left the world of modelling.

Harriet started to look for other options in life and began to do some research and discovered the world of herbs and plants. Some further research later and Harriet managed to find a suitable herbalism course to enrol on. A year later she qualified as a “Herbalist”. The next option for her was what to do with her new skills, so shortly afterwards, Harriet set up here own herbalism related business. A business that now produces luxury natural plant based products as well as being an ethical brand.

Now, I’m one of those of us who are happy to try anything new, so when I visited Harriet, I happened to mention to her my inability to sleep. Harriet offered me a solution other than take a tablet. She put these little seeds into a small piece of muslin, rolled them into a ball and told me to rub the muslin into the palm of my hand, then sniff it. My eyes watered a little and then she told me, you’ll sleep well tonight. How right she was. One of the best nights sleep in ages. You’ll need to speak to Harriet about what it was that helped me sleep but all I can tell you is it was natural and plant based.

Thank you Harriet