Fiona - the private chef


“my cooking style is greatly influenced by my travels, so interesting fresh flavour twists are a key feature”

Eating out is one of those past times that we all really enjoy. The fact that it’s all done for you and there’s none of that washing up business later. Cornwall has some of the best restaurants in the UK. But what happens if those restaurants aren’t really for you. What other choices are out there. Well, there’s another sector of the F&B business that is becoming more and more popular at the moment and that is the world of the “Private Chef”.

I’ve never experienced having food personally prepared by a private chef before but I get the idea completely. That real personal touch on a one to one basis. A series of dishes being hand prepared with you in mind.
The world of the private chef is becoming more and more attractive for those of us who can afford the experience. The more discerning client looking for that unique food experience. That’s where Fiona comes in….

Fiona is originally from New Zealand but has made Cornwall her home for the last 13 years. Her chef related experience comes from working in prestigious hotels and restaurants in the South West. It came to a point in her career where she wanted to make her own decisions after being worked so hard chasing unrealistic targets by her employers. It was time to move on. She now owns and runs her own successful catering business named “Chef Fiona NZ”. No clues to what the NZ stands for.

Fiona told me that her cooking style is influenced by her travels. She’s very passionate about using local, seasonal, wild and ethically produced ingredients. She grows her own vegetables, fruits and herbs. She loves making cider and wines from her own home grown produce and also keeps a flock of rare breed chickens for super fresh tasty eggs. Her kitchen at home is her testing/proving ground where she puts her menus together for her clients whilst at the same time testing them out on her partner Iain. I was fortunate enough to be able to taste some of Fiona’s dishes. The down side of that was I couldn’t taste enough of them. They were all ace.

Thank you Fiona