David the funeral director


“saying goodbye to a loved one has become much more of a celebration of life now”.

“Dark and victorian” would have been something that we use to associate with leaving this world, but these days it’s become much more of a celebration of life. When our time comes, the family around us will seek the right guidance and direction to make these decisions easier. David is one of those professional individuals who you would turn to, to guide you through that difficult time. Here’s his story.

David’s early passion in life was music. Playing in bands from an early age and chasing those dreams were always on his mind. College and studying for his A levels were important to give himself a good educational grounding for the future. At weekends and holidays, David would be working alongside his father who had an established Funeral business, washing the cars and driving them as soon as he could. David soon realised that the music business was a tough cookie to crack and after leaving college, he went to work with his father full time. That was back in 1983. His fathers knowledge and experience within the business taught a young man everything he needed to know about how to sympathetically deal with those of us who have left this world.

My day with David was interesting to say the least. It’s not very often that you’d be able to get access to a very sensitive area such as this, so I was careful not to probe too deep. Excuse the pun. What I did find when I was invited into David’s world was a sense of calm in his voice and the atmosphere that surrounded me. After a while, I noticed that I too was speaking in a much more relaxed manner. Clearly the impact on where I was effected me. I quizzed David on just how his business had changed over the last twenty years or so. He said “saying goodbye to a loved one has become much more of a celebration of life now”. David recalls a more recent example of that. A local surfer passed away. His family asked David and his staff if they’d mind being part of saying that goodbye process by wearing surf shorts and flip flops at the funeral. David still wore his top hat and tails on the top half though. A stylish tribute.

Please wish David well on this years London Marathon. A great charitable event for all….

Cheers David