Beth the cross fitter


“Because I was heavy I actually discovered I was very strong”

Getting fit these days can take on so many different routes. The classic gym workout, running, swimming, yoga, just to name a few. However, more recently there’s been a certain element of fitness that some of us just can’t get enough of which has had a remarkable impact on someones life. This story is all about Beth and the challenges she has faced on her route to fitness via CrossFit

Beth moved to Cornwall at a very early age. She remembers having thoughts as a kid of perhaps being a teacher one day. So, she focused on doing her A levels at college and then went onto a degree to study contemporary crafts. Teaching was clearly in the back of her mind. However, after leaving Uni she set up her own jewellery business. Sadly after that, she started to experience mental health issues. As the problems raised themselves, Beth’s weight began to suffer and she was faced with some serious lifestyle choices. After some advice from the counseling that she was receiving and direct help from her family, Beth made the choice to tackle her health problems. At this point in Beths life she was morbidly obese at 18 stone and struggling.

So what was the solution for her? Well, urged on by her sister, she got into weight lifting and before she knew it, she was hooked. Beth told me ““Because I was heavy I actually discovered I was very strong”. Within months, Beth was lifting big weights, up to 170 kg plus. Her shear size and body mass proved invaluable.

Beth then noticed a CrossFit gym had popped up near by her and because she loved the weightlifting element of training so much, she thought she would give it a go with her sister by her side. She fell in love with it straight away, even though it was hard because she was still heavy. CrossFit was the turning point for Beth. She started to watched the calories, increased the levels of cardio and became quite addicted to this method of training. She reduced her weight week on week and started to become fitter and fitter. Further inspired by her sister, she now competes in CrossFit competitions in and around the UK with podium finishes.

What’s so remarkable about Beths journey is the fact that she’s never hid her weight or mental health issues. She shares her past socially and inspires others to achieve their goals. I too was inspired by Beth when I stepped into the gym with her. She’s so focussed. Watching her train was a real pleasure.

Beths story doesn’t end there though. Those childhood dreams did come true after all. She now teaches children with difficult social issues. You might say issues that she once faced herself.

Thanks for letting me tell your story Beth and share those difficult times…