Angela the florist


“The name Vintage and Bloom came about from our love of antiques”

Living where we do, the Cornish light and colour that surrounds us is like no other. Colourful waters, golden sandy beaches and flowers that bloom here earlier than most. There are some of us who live in this lovely land that bring some extra colour into our lives. This is Angela’s story and how she delivers her vision of colour.

Angela’s early direction in life wasn’t down the floral route in the first instance, nor was it to be down here in Cornwall either. She worked up the line, a phrase we Cornish use to say out of county, in the admin and retail sectors for a number of years. Like most of us, there’s some direct connection with Cornwall that would bring some of us here. Angela’s connection were her grandparents, they moved here to retire. So visits to them from time to time led to the inevitable in meeting someone who lived here. That was John who is now her husband.

Not long after moving to Cornwall, Angela found work in a floristry wholesalers and her love for working with flowers was born. Some years later, she decided to develop that love and enrolled at college to train as a Florist whilst volunteering in a local florist shop. When she qualified, she was offered a job there. Some time later, Angela’s thoughts turned towards setting up business up for herself and in 2018 “Vintage & Bloom” was born. I asked Angela where the name for the business came from. “The name Vintage and Bloom came about from our love of antiques”.

With any new business, it’s key to have yourself a USP ( unique selling point) to make you stand out from the rest. Angela uses strong visual elements such as vintage up cycled props and vases. In addition to that she uses brown paper, instead of plastic when she can and rafia and twine, giving the flowers that old fashioned feel. Also, you have to see the ace shop she has. Very period and fits the brief. Flowers have the ability to bring you colour, happiness, an immediate mood boost and memories.

Thanks Angela