Alison - the designer


“my illustrations evoke commonplace memories or shared emotions in others”

Creative minds need creative spaces. That’s where I found Alison. She works out of a lovely purpose built studio that her partner put together in her back garden in Newquay. A beautifully built domain, ideal for any designer to work out of. Creative spaces ease the flow of work I’m told and my impressions of Alisons space was just that. Very relaxed and chilled. By Alisons side sits Rufus, her dog. There’s a connective element running within this project at the moment, and that’s dogs. They’re great companions especially when you work alone. Being self employed can be lonely from time to time. Having a companion such as a dog by your side can be quite relaxing. They don’t talk back either.

Alison spent part of her working life in London but she returned to Cornwall and her family home and retrained as a web/graphic designer. Those of us who do leave Cornwall to work away, find it difficult to say goodbye but we do return. That coastal draw pulls us back every time.

In addition to the illustration work she undertakes, she also finds time to develop web sites and branding along side her successful Etsy shop business.

Alison tells me that her illustrational work stems from her love of nature, birds, daily dog walks and her family's surfing heritage. She get further inspiration from her love of vintage swimwear, foraging and beach-combing. Currently, she designs illustrated products such as lampshades, cushions, greeting cards and prints. She also offers one off custom creations for clients. The time I spent with Alison was brief but I got a good understanding of how her world evolves.

Thank you Alison….

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